A-Production Unit

Parsain Energy bitumen Manufacturing unit is located at the "Khalij Fars Industrial Zone" which is only 15Km far from Bandar Abbas (Shahid Rajaee) port. Our overall production capacity is around 30,000 Metric tons per month for different grade of bitumen,


B-Drum Production unit

Parsian Energy bitumen refinery has own drum production unit that supplies needed drums for exporting bitumen and self-efficacy in packaging all Kinds of bitumen. Drummed bitumen has been the most common type of packaging of bitumen, one of our advantage based on our own drumming factory is facilities and flexibility to produce different size of drums with requested embossed logo on top of drums according to client’s request, we will also stick or spray marking on body of drums if required, the packaged product can be palletized as well, 


C-Laboratory & Quality Control Unit

Our Laboratory has been equipped with the most advanced European Quality testing equipment to ensure the Highest Quality of Bitumen products based on the ASTM & International standards. Generally, in any manufacturing entity, observing required standards for the products to be produced, with desirable quality and attracting sales markets among other competitors is one of importance. Various quality control tests in different steps of the production process, including on the raw materials, during product manufacturing and finally on the finished product are performed to control the quality and specifications of the bitumen produced in this company. Various bitumen tests in the lab are carried out under certain conditions which are strictly controlled and standardized. All lab equipment in Parsian Energy Company for testing bitumen is in accordance with American standard (ASTM) and consists of equipment and instruments for testing penetration rate, softening point, flash point, viscosity, ductility, purity, and density, all of which are located in the refinery lab.


D-Commercial Unit

Parsian Energy with creative and capable workforce is responsible for providing the best material for production and one of the most important part of this procedure is commercial unit that is responsible to find out target markets all over the world, designing and executing sale policies and marketing in line with major strategies of organization, managing customer relationship (CRM) and customer satisfaction.

 Duties of Logistics and supply

With our team’s years of experience in bitumen trading, operations, we are professional in every aspects for delivering product with prompt delivery. Cooperating in delivery of bitumen products in a quality, safety and competitiveness prices is a foundation stone for us. Before reaching cargo to nominated port, the process of container releasing and covering bottom of containers with plastic sheet will commence. All containers will sealed after filling. All cargoes will be supplied by Geo Chem inspection by default or any other inspection that is required by clients such as SGS, BV. 
Shipping is one of the major parts of the international business and trade and has always been one of the main concerns of bitumen traders, with many years of experience, we are cooperating with reliable shipping lines who can easily help you to lead your products to get to the destination within shortest possible transit time, competitive freight charges, extra free time and detention at destination and cheapest local charges.



Duties of Sales & Marketing

Parsian Energy with focus on the requirements of the customers try to provide flexible sales policies and methods in regard to objectives and strategies of organization, we are improving the brand of company for business growth.


Duties of documentations 

We know preparing required documents for releasing cargo at destination is crucial part of business, so we provide all the regular documents such as, original B/Inspection certificate, certificate of origin, invoice, packing list at right time

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Headquarter: No. 1, Forth Alley , Derakhshan St, Northern Falamak St., Ivanak St., Shahrak-e-Gharb, Tehran, Iran

Factory: Khalij Fars Industrial zone, 15 km to Shahid Rajaee Port, Bandar Abbas, Iran